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With its striking curves, stunning details, and intelligent design, the Jaguar E-PACE 2022 can make each drive look like a victory lap. The luxury SUV crossover comes equipped with a powerful engine, premium interiors, and comfortable handling. The compact structure adds to the car’s visual appeal, while the 11.4-inch curved touchscreen delivers an intuitive infotainment system to your fingertips. With premium materials shining from the wheel to the seating, the car makes for an enjoyable ride whether you are commuting to work or enjoying a night on the town.

Jaguar E-PACE 2022 Frequently asked questions


Thanks to its captivating design and bold exteriors, the Jaguar E-PACE 2022 instantly holds the attention of anyone it passes by. Its robust engine and chassis structure make for a compellingly comfortable drive, while its compact size allows for excellent handling. With its competitive price tag and standard all-wheel-drive (AWD), the Jaguar E-PACE makes for an exceptional SUV crossover.


The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 starts at the base price of $41,800. Apart from the standard trim, you can also explore the SE trim that starts at $46,900 and the 300 Sport trim that starts at $51,000. With both higher-level trims, you can unlock a slew of exterior and interior visual enhancements. The 300 Sport trim also boasts the most powerful engine of the model year.


The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 comes in gas and Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) engine options. The MHEV is not rechargeable by an external power source, but it provides greater fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. For this model year, the MHEV is available in the Jaguar E-PACE 300 Sport trim.


The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 comes in two engine specifications, which also post slightly different fuel economy or miles per gallon (MPG) statistics. The car shows that it has a fuel economy of 20 mpg (city), 26 mpg (highway), and 23 mpg (combined). Upgrading to the MHEV engine may minutely improve this performance factor.


The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 shakes things up in terms of its interior and exterior design while making choice upgrades in both aspects. These changes include enhancements such as Chrome side vents, a foil-tipped mesh grille, the contemporary appeal of our compact SUV is elevated further with LED headlights, as well as a captivating 11.4-inch touchscreen with Jaguar’s PiVi Pro infotainment system. The modifications shine through interior elements such as the steering wheel and seating materials as well. You can also enjoy a slew of driving safety features in higher-level trims.


The Jaguar E-PACE holds its own within its class of luxury SUV crossovers. With its interior enhancements and exterior detailing, the car makes for a joyful driving experience. This makes it completely worth the purchase if you are in the market for a compact SUV that doesn’t blend into the boring and the mundane.

What are the New Features of the Jaguar E-PACE 2022?


The classic Jaguar driving experience is often connected to the manufacturer’s jaw-dropping exteriors. The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 doesn’t disappoint in this department. With bold designed bumper, grille, and LED lights now a standard option, the exterior is enough to turn heads for all the right reasons. From clean lines to astounding color details, the luxury car has everything you may need to make a dramatic entry through city streets.


The Jaguar E-PACE doesn’t stop at exterior enhancements. It also makes a few interior upgrades that set the car apart from many conventional SUVs around its price point. Perhaps one of the most noticeable of these upgrades is the 11.4-inch touchscreen that is also equipped with Jaguar’s proprietary PiVi Pro infotainment system. The system is not only intuitive but also highly enjoyable. This makes every trip a delight, no matter if you are traveling with companions or hitting the road alone.


The interior upgrades are not limited to the infotainment systems either. The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 makes significant enhancements to its predecessor’s interior design and makes it a priority to use higher quality materials throughout the cabin. This allows you to access and enjoy luxurious surroundings within the standard price tag.


The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 also comes with an improved chassis and powertrain, which contribute to your driving experience’s overall comfort and ensures a smoother ride through longer journeys. It also paves the way for better handling of your vehicle, with the addition of optional driving safety features making each trip feel like a breeze of fresh air.


The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 also makes targeted improvements to controls such as the steering wheel, which adds to the level of comfort already supported by foundational features. Combined with the new powertrain and interior enhancements, these changes ensure that your drives are full of style and comfort from both visual and functional aspects.

What’s New for the Jaguar E-PACE 2022?

The Jaguar E-PACE 2022 makes choice modifications to its interior trim and exterior design, which results in remarkable improvements in this model year. Not only does the car look amazing, but it also adds to the overall feeling of luxury for you and your passengers. Apart from these enhancements, other changes shine through the 11.4-inch touchscreen, its accompanying Pivi Pro system, and the car’s improved heating and ventilation controls.

At Ray Catena, you can find various certified pre-owned and new Jaguar E-PACE 2022 models. We carry all three trims of the Jaguar E-PACE, including the base trim, the SE trim, and the 300 Sport trim. This gives you optimal flexibility to select a model that speaks to your needs and your budget alike. You can also browse through exterior colors that offer a variety of shades, including but not limited to Bluefire Blue Metallic, Borasco Gray Metallic, and Caldera Red. You have the flexibility to choose interior trimming colors in a variety of brown and black shades as well.

Despite its competitive price, the Jaguar E-PACE 2022 comes through as a heavyweight in its class of vehicles. The standard trim, as well as the SE trim, carries the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder gas engine with 246 hp and 269 lb-ft torque. Whereas, the upgraded 300 Sport trim turns up the power to 296 hp in its MHEV engine configuration. All Jaguar E-PACE 2022 models come with a 5-passenger seating capacity.

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Through Ray Catenas focus on delivering the latest luxury vehicles in optimal timeframes, we have become one of the primary providers of Jaguar E-PACE 2022 in Edison, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Through our selection of certified pre-owned and new vehicles, getting your hands on this luxury SUV is as easy as a walk in the park.

The Ray Catena team approaches your needs as our highest priority and makes sure to fulfill your expectations throughout your car search and purchase experience. This ensures that we can recommend vehicles, trims, and upgrade options that speak to your specific requirements. Whether you want a vehicle that’s known for its remarkable aesthetic or need a car that’s lauded for its functional capacity, our experts can help you find your ideal match without any issues.

Feel free to contact us today to browse the complete range of Jaguar E-PACE vehicles at Jaguar of Edison. You can also book an appointment to visit our showroom and find the luxury car of your dreams right away.

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