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Spotted out on the street was this beautiful Jaguar F-TYPE SVR owned by a Ray Catena Jaguar of Edison customer!

Discover the ultimate F‑TYPE. F‑TYPE SVR is lighter and faster — with reconfigured aerodynamics boosting grip, and Jaguar’s All Wheel Drive technology ensuring maximum traction at all times. Every inch optimised for pulse racing performance that is pure Jaguar.

From quilted performance seats offering comfort and support to ultramodern finishes that create a sense of total luxury, the interior of the F‑TYPE SVR is truly one of a kind.

Weight is the enemy of performance. So we designed the SVR to be as lean as possible. Its lightweight Titanium and Inconel® exhaust system saves significant weight, while the striking 20-inch forged alloy wheels provide a 30 lb weight reduction over standard F-TYPE wheels. Each redesigned rear suspension knuckle is lighter than conventional knuckles and the optional Carbon Ceramic Matrix Braking system saves 46 lbs of unsprung weight over the standard F-TYPE. Every pound saved gives you more rapid acceleration, more agile handling and sharper braking.

An exceptional feeling of control, agility and feedback defines the F‑TYPE. Its superb driving dynamics are underpinned by a rigid chassis, forged aluminum double wishbone suspension and sophisticated Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system.

Derived from motorsport technology, the optional Carbon Ceramic Matrix Braking system is the most powerfully performing braking system ever fitted to a Jaguar road car and features 6-piston front and 4-piston rear brake calipers and exclusive 20-inch forged alloy wheels.

The dynamism of the F-TYPE feels effortless thanks to our advanced driving technologies. Torque Vectoring provides controlled independent braking of the inside front and rear wheels during cornering. The available Electronic Active Differential can take this one step further, working with the Intelligent Driveline Dynamics system to precisely manage torque delivery to each of the rear wheels. And to deliver optimum comfort and control, Adaptive Dynamics analyzes the road and your driving style and then modifies the response from the F‑TYPE.

The active aerodynamic carbon fiber rear spoiler optimizes the speed and performance of the F‑TYPE SVR. The wing is wider and more elevated, enabling it to act over the whole width of the car. When deployed, it gives a drag coefficient reduction of 2.5 percent and a lift coefficient reduction of 15 percent. The Unique Front Bumper with large intakes maximizes airflow through the engine bay and wheel arches. The smooth front underfloor and rear venturi reduces drag and accelerates airflow.

Even at night, the F‑TYPE stands out. Its new available LED headlights featuring LED ‘J’ blade Daytime Running Lights are as powerful as they look. These elegant headlights adapt the width and depth of their beam to your speed and offer a quality close to daylight. You always have the best possible illumination whatever your surroundings, helping your eyes distinguish objects more easily and reducing fatigue.

The 5.0-liter V8 engine in the F‑TYPE SVR is the pinnacle of power, remapped to deliver up to an astonishing 575 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. The Intelligent Driveline Dynamics system works together with the Electronic Active Differential helping to increase traction and stability, giving full rein to the towering performance of the F‑TYPE SVR.4

The F‑TYPE roars right from its heart. Its Sport Exhaust growls powerfully from start-up, building to a race-car-inspired crescendo. An Active Sport Exhaust, standard on the F‑TYPE S and R, uses Active Bypass Valves to allow exhaust gases to exit more directly for a deep, dramatic sound. A driver-selectable Active Exhaust with manual control is standard on all manual transmission models and on the F‑TYPE 400 SPORT, R and SVR, and an option on the F‑TYPE Premium with automatic transmission.

Navigation guidance makes planning journeys and following routes easy, thanks to turn-by-turn voice guidance and junction view. ‘Dead-reckoning’ functionality can accurately position the vehicle even when GPS signals can no longer be received – perfect for the city center or driving through tunnels.

Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) offers outstanding feedback and control. It is active on demand with a sophisticated computer management system that varies steering assistance as appropriate – increasing assistance for low speed maneuvering and improving feel at higher speeds.

Standard in every F‑TYPE, next-generation Touch Pro hardware and software advances connectivity and entertainment to the very highest level. Incredibly responsive with a highly intuitive user interface and sharp graphics, it makes every journey easier and more enjoyable.5

Designed with British audio experts Meridian™, a standard 380W Sound System brings your music to life. With 10 speakers including 2 subwoofers, this system tailors your audio to the unique acoustics of the F‑TYPE interior using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and advanced Cabin Correction algorithms.


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