Jaguar Approved: The Most Qualified Pre-Owned Vehicles on the Market Today!

April 26th, 2016 by

Jaguar’s reputation is that of exacting standards and top-of-the-line performance, and that doesn’t just apply to its vehicle design, but everything that Jaguar does. So when Jaguar takes on a vehicle candidate for its Jaguar Approved pre-owned status, you can be assured that the candidate is subjected to the same rigorous testing and quality assurance that Jaguar demands of its newest vehicles.

From the moment the vehicle is received, it is subjected to a rigorous battery of tests to ensure it is a viable candidate for Jaguar approved status. This means checking mileage and service history to get a full picture of how the car was driven and how responsibly it was maintained. Once it passes these tests, it goes to the shop floor, where it is put through Jaguar’s 165 multi-point inspection. Aimed at testing everything from the largest piston to the smallest electrical fuse in the vehicle, this test reveals what parts are up to Jaguar’s specifications, and which aren’t. If a part fails inspection, Jaguar will only replace it with authentic parts.

Most importantly, each step of this process is validated by an independent inspector, whose sole job it is to make sure that each vehicle is held to the highest standards, so that you get the highest quality vehicle. Just as Jaguar is the gold standard when it comes to performance and luxury vehicles, so too does it aspire to be the gold standard for pre-owned vehicles. So if you’d like to get behind the wheel of a qualified Jaguar Approved vehicle today, feel free to explore our inventory of Jaguar Approved vehicles or visit us at Ray Catena Jaguar of Edison for a test drive today!