Jaguar F-PACE Goes on Mud-Spelunking Test Drive in Wales

March 9th, 2016 by

The on-going strip tease that has been the unveiling of the snazzy Jaguar F-PACE is over. But after it debuted in Frankfurt last year, we knew there would be a wait before we learned an arguably even more important fact about the Big Cat’s first-ever luxury crossover: how it drove. Now, the wait for that is over.

On a muddy course in southern Wales, Auto Trader editor Ivan Aistrop got one of the first insights into the F-PACE as he put it through its paces. The weather was poor, but that provided the perfect conditions to see what it could do. While Jaguar has gone at great lengths to preserve the CUV’s sedan-like feel on the road, it also bears some of the DNA of its Land Rover kin folk, such as being able to wade through up to 20 inches of water, and sporting innovative all-wheel drive.

It’s one thing to read about the all-new F-PACE, but another to try it for yourself. When it arrives later this spring, we’d love to have you by our Jaguar dealership in Edison, NJ to drive it for yourself. Drop us a line, and we’ll call you when it’s made available in our locale.

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