What Jaguar Models Are AWD?

March 23rd, 2018 by


AWD vehicles are equipped to aide Staten Island drivers during the snowy winter months and other difficult terrains all year long. All Jaguar vehicles offer some form of all-wheel drive as standard or optional:

  • Jaguar XJ
  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar F-TYPE
  • Jaguar XE
  • Jaguar F-PACE
  • New Jaguar E-PACE
  • New Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive

These Jaguar models offer the specialized Jaguar Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system, which functions as follows:

  • These vehicles retain the Jaguar rear-wheel drive setup during normal driving conditions.
  • When more traction is needed, the system transfers as much torque as required to the front wheels to improve stability.
  • When additional traction is no longer needed, the system returns power to the rear wheels, and continuously works to adjust for traction and performance.

What’s more, the F-TYPE, the XE, the XF, and the F-PACE all offer Intelligent Driveline Dynamics, which predicts when grip will be lost and shifts torque ahead of time. That way, drivers will be able to maintain control as they enter more difficult conditions, rather than react when they’re already in the midst of them.

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