EV Charging Times

June 6th, 2018 by

Did you know there are three charging speed categories for electric vehicles?

Jaguar I-PACE is coming soon, and customers will want to know the length of time required to charge them. Generally the speed of charging is dependent on the available electricity supply. There are three EV charging speed categories: Level 1 AC, which is best suited for topping off or overnight charging a PHEV; Level 2 AC, which can fully recharge some PHEV models in only 3-4 hours and an I-PACE overnight; and DC Rapid charging is currently for BEVs only.

Level 1 AC charging uses a standard 120 volt household socket, but for optimum charging at home, customers should purchase and install a Jaguar Land Rover approved home charger for convenient access to faster Level 2 AC charging. The home charger can be installed at a suitable location convenient for the customer, either hard-wired into a 40 amp circuit or plugged into a 220 volt receptacle. The I-PACE can fully recharge the vehicle overnight when using a Level 2 AC home charger.

The best way to quickly top off your battery’s charge for longer journeys is with a high power DC Rapid charger that can achieve a 0-80% charge in as little as 45 minutes (100kW DC). While the majority of charging happens at home, customers can find convenient charging points at places they may want to stay for several hours – or even overnight – including local shopping centers, hotels and gyms.

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