InControl Remote

June 6th, 2018 by

Did you know InControl Remote include a Wake Up Timer?

All 18MY Jaguar vehicles offer InControl Remote as standard.

The InControl Remote system enters a low power mode 96 hours after the last engine stop. This action conserves vehicle battery life. When the vehicle is parked for an extended period, for example, when on vacation or during a business trip, the Wake Up Timer can be used to wake up the Remote features on a selected date. (Any date within a 30-day period can be chosen.)

Once the Wake Up Timer is set, the Remote feautures re-enter low power mode after 60 hours. Battery power is then reserved for the wake up.

Customers should know that any time the vehicle is in the low power mode, select features of InControl Remote will not operate, including remote start, remote climate and remote unlock.

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