Women’s Choice Award

December 19th, 2017 by

Ray Catena Jaguar of Edison is proud to announce that Jaguar has been honored with a Women’s Choice Award. Women’s Choice Award has unveiled four new Automotive Awards: Safety, Reliability, Family-friendly, and Eco-friendly, in which Jaguar has been mentioned.

Best for Eco Friendly 

Coupe: Jaguar F-TYPE


According to Women’s Choice Award’s methodology on how they calculate a winner, several points need to be in consideration. The following explains the process:


Women indicated that reducing foreign dependence on oil would be the number one reason they would purchase a “green” car. Reducing the environmental impact of man-made activities and personal gas expenditures came in a close second and third. The eco-friendly award was determined by creating a composite score based on these considerations and weighed according to results of this survey.

Fuel Economy: Score determined by standardizing the combined MPG and EPA’s fuel economy rating.

Eco-friendly features: Cars were awarded additional points if they have a start/stop technology feature.

SmartWay certification: The EPA’s SmartWay program certifies the 20% lowest-emitting passenger vehicles each model year, based on greenhouse gas and smog ratings. We gave a vehicle additional points for qualifying for this certification.


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