Why Service Your Jaguar at a Dealership

August 11th, 2018 by


Whether it’s time to schedule your next service appointment for regular maintenance, or you’ve had a fender-bender and need roadside assistance, the best place to service your Jaguar is at a dealership. Find out below why a Jaguar service center at your nearest Jaguar dealer is the way to go, then contact us at Ray Catena Jaguar of Edison with any questions you may have in Staten Island.

There From Start to Finish

If you take your vehicle to the same Jaguar dealership you purchased at, the staff will know you and your vehicle well, and can easily look up its history and past maintenance when you schedule your next appointment. When you are ready to trade up in Princeton, the dealer will know exactly the condition your model is in and be able to give you a fair and accurate trade-in estimate.


Any dealership with the name Jaguar in the title is therefore an ambassador for the Jaguar brand, and accountable to the impeccable standards of Jaguar customer service and quality. So at any of the Jaguar dealership locations you may choose, you can expect high levels of customer satisfaction.

Certified Jaguar Service & Parts

At a dealership, you will get highly trained Jaguar-certified technicians, as well as Jaguar-manufactured parts. Most importantly, some repairs and replacements are only covered under the Jaguar Warranty if they are done at a Jaguar dealer with Jaguar-certified parts.

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